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Howard Bowler started life as a musician. He’s shared the stage with such notable acts as, Blondie, Talking Heads, Ramones, B52s, Grandmaster Flash, AC/DC, and many others. In, 2017, his early recordings were part of an ORK Records package nominated for a GRAMMY. In the late 80s he produced the top 40 charting single, “Saying Sorry Don’t Make It Right”. During that time he built his first recording studio and engineered the demos for his two A&M albums. Shortly afterwards, Howard joined advertising giant, Grey Worldwide, as their in house audio engineer. He designed their audio studios and was eventually promoted to manager of Grey’s in house post division. After ten years of record revenue, Howard left Grey to open Hobo Audio Company.
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Chris “The Beard” Stangroom has a beard even when he doesn’t have a beard. His man status is just that manly. His skills in the studio are just as impressive. With HOBO, his creative and technical talents have spanned across the entire audio spectrum–from renowned TV and radio commercials to award-winning feature films and top-rated TV series. “The Beard” has been known to mix in 7.1 Surround, 5.1 Surround, Stereo, and even for the iPad. Chris brings Southern charm and a sense of adventure to every session. “I want everyone who walks through our doors to feel like they’re at home. We’re extremely proud of what HOBO has grown into and it wouldn’t be what it is without our clients. I hope they enjoy working and playing in our studios more than once.
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A third generation “ad man,” Max has been refining his sound skills for over a decade. Hailing from the mean streets of New York City, he began his audio journey by playing, recording, and producing punk rock, but mixing those sweet sonic textures is what he loved most. Hearkening back to his family’s advertising roots, Max’s true creative calling was discovered: to provide exciting sound design and invigorating mixes for national campaigns. Having recently found a new home at HOBO, Max hit the ground running with a major network rebrand and hasn’t slowed down since. Renowned for being cool as a cucumber under intense pressure, this is the man you want behind the board when it’s time to knuckle down.When Max isn’t busy manhandling the faders, he can be found around upper Manhattan enjoying family time or lower Manhattan enjoying headbanging time.
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Stephen Davies brings a musical ear and team-first philosophy to the HOBO family. In addition to mixing commercials, TV shows, and films (in 5.1 Surround and Stereo), Steve is a gifted music composer and sound designer who can whip up a tune like a master chef whips up a quick souffle. He’s the collaborative partner you want in the studio. Steve has been an audio engineer at HOBO for over four years, but it all really started in 7th grade, when he bought his cousin’s Fostex 4-track cassette recorder. He used to record a yearly Christmas album for family and friends. From then on, Stephen knew he wanted to be an audio engineer–but not just for Christmas albums.P.S. He has a secret love for espresso that’s not so secret. He may or may not have a photo album dedicated solely to his espresso machine in his phone.
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HOBO habla Español!!! Diego’s a bit of an audio rebel. When he was 12 years old in his native Colombia, he skipped his organ lessons and learned to play the drums instead, which led him to form a band and start recording demos with friends. He then moved to Miami. Life in “La Capital del Sol” wasn’t always a Will Smith song, but he worked his way through Miami Dade College and SAE Institute, studying the ways of the audio world. That experience helped him land jobs assisting at studios like The Hit Factory. Diego found his true calling–audio post–when he helped his childhood friend make a short film. He moved north to knock on New York’s doors, and HOBO answered.Diego works as a Sound Designer and Engineer for TV shows, commercials, and films. Some of his notable work includes numerous promos for NBC Sports, a full Nicktoons rebrand & sound design on renowned short film, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, for video game mogul, Machinima. He’s always ready with a creative solution, supporting the team with his sound design skills and musical know-how. Plus, he brings that international flair.
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From 'The City of the Eternal Spring' (Medellin), Colombia, Julian started his journey in the audio world by studying classical guitar and Colombian folk music at the Instituto Bellas Artes and Comfenalco. His passion grew while practicing on long bus rides to Anthropology classes while entertaining fellow passengers. In 2004, he moved to Miami where he was hired to compose the soundtrack for a short film titled 'All Wars End.' This inspired him to attend SAE Miami, where he perfected his skills in music composition and graduated with a degree in audio engineering. In his free time he enjoys watching the Cowboy Bebop anime series and fantasy novels while snacking on lemon flavored potato chips.
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Mary is the go-to interpersonal hobo. She’s got a social psychology degree, crisis counseling experience, and a pretty great impression of Dobby the house-elf up her sleeve. If you need a job done, she’ll make it happen. Outside the office, Mary likes sun, board sports, and generally kicking it outdoors. She even invites nature into her NYC apartment via her butterfly nursery, still living up to her childhood nickname of BUG GIRL.
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