All-New-Series, ‘Evil Lives Here,’ Premiering January 17th!

evilliveshere   Holy Intrigue, Batman!  On SundayJanuary 17th at 10PM, Investigation Discovery will be premiering a new series ‘Evil Lives Here,’ produced by Red Marble Media. The series is filled with stories of people who witnessed their loved ones transition from the “every-day-average-Joe,” to cold blooded murderer. HOBO’s own audio engineer, Stephen Davies,  was the re-recording mixer for the show and mixed dialogue, music and effects into a very compelling sound.  Stephen states, “The challenge given by show creator, Kevin Fitzpatrick, was to make the mix intimate, as if you’re  in the room talking with them. Throughout each episode, I had to pay close attention to the sound of the voice, music, and every effect level. It’s all about the story… and the elements provided had to support and help tell the story, not it take away from it.” Red Marble Media crafts amazing stories.  So if you’re into SVU or NCIS, you’ll definitely want to make Evil Lives Here a top priority on your winter-watch-list.